Monday, June 6, 2011

SONG OF THE DAY, "Heat Seeking Ghost of Sex," by Dance Gavin Dance


I’m sitting here wishin’,
I had kaleidoscope vision.
So we could block out all the revisions,
To these ruthless intentions.

There’s a light on in the hallway.
Saying farewell to the illumination of day.
I look in the mirror and beg you to stay.
But all these lines force you away.

I’m talking minutes, you’re talking hours.
I lay awake at night in a constant cower.
You can’t even look me in the eye when you devour,
My every last bit of will power.

Counting down the blades of grass,
They disappear in the counting down of a crash.
Sound lives in slow motion; vibrating off shattered glass.

If there’s a doubt in your mind,
I expect to unlock our fears and find,
That we are optimists just misplaced in time.


Let's go!
Hey Mr. Obscenity,
Tell me, do you do some obscene things?
Well shit what do you think I'm all about?
Don't say I'm soft spoken and lost in the crowd.
I'm quietest when I am shouting out loud.
Fuck you, you don't know the life I live.
I'm a worn out face; a fucked up kid.
You will never know me; don't even try.
I will be a fuck up 'til the day I die.
Punk isn't dead, we brought it back to life.
Like a creature we drown ourselves with dim headlights.
So, sing with me if you're fucked up too.
We'll leave 'em lost and blind in the back of the zoo.
We are animals and this is our life.
Fuck shinny guns get my my knife.
I'll slit your throat; proceed to bleed.
This is the survival of the fittest,
and I am the lion's queen.

You Can Only Hope (a Maycizzle and Jojo original)

I don't want to be a victim of a love lost tragedy.
Tell me, do you think poorly of me?
Loving life is a weakness; you're a weakness.
Was this meant to be more than what I planned?

So, I'm alone again.
Thinking of the time when we were friends.
And I'm alone again.
Thinking of the times when I thought you cared.
Do I even compare to the other girls out there?

Now my threads unwind.
Thinking of you all the time.
Can't get you off my mind.
Am I going insane?
Is this all just a game to you?

We could have been like the moon and the sun.
Lighting up the sky for everyone.
Tell me darling was it love or a false advocate.
We were just kids.
We didn't know any better.
Just like a striped sweater.
We needed someone to keep us safe and warm.

Now my threads unwind.
Thinking of you all the time.
Can't get you off my mind.
Am I going insane?
Is this all just a game to you?

Deep down in the depths of hell.
Never known why I'm not feeling well.
But this epiphany hit me like your tombstone.

I want to bring you back to life.
Just for one more pointless fight.
But I know that hope will drown itself away.
I just need you next to me for one more day.

Now my threads unwind.
Thinking of you all the time.
Can't get you off my mind; you're etched.
It scares me half to death.
Am I going insane?
Is this all just a game to you?

Go Out In Style..

I expect complete adequacy.
I have my filthy habits, but I wear them respectably.
The leaves are changing and I’m home once again.

I haven’t been home in awhile.
Like a can of cheese wiz I’ll go out in style.
Rearrange time and bring this town back to life.
It may be a mission, but this mission is mine tonight.

We are orphans just better dressed.
Commando boots with a tattered dress.
This is who I am; I wouldn’t change it for anything.
So won’t you grab your guitar and we’ll sing.

I’ll sit on the hood of your four door car.
Just a spec of dust; I’ll shine like the stars.
Leave the things we used to love behind.
Flash my smile for all the corrupt headlines.

Headlines that lie between lost seconds in space.
We are just children with a worn out face.
I hope you can sit here with me for awhile.
Take my hand and we’ll go out in style.

So we’ll jump into the ocean fully clothed.
This is the one thing that I’ve come to know.
I love you and I try my best to show.
That I will never, never, never let you go.
That I will never, never, never let you go.
This is the one thing that I know


I love natural light, captured in black in white.
The way the sun shines on broken glass and empty eyes.
So defined; natural design.
The crows fly; touch the burnt evening sky.
We wait in line, and then we die.
Let's make a purpose, make them wonder why.
Why we can look past the bullshit and corporate lies.
We are the new generation of broken lullabies.

Welcome to Isolation..

Hello readers, welcome to my new blog, Gandhi And Jesus Are Homies. This blog will show off random interests I have. I will also post up any new photography and songs I have. May all doors be opened to the second chapter. I know the first one was not the most interesting but this will blow you mind. I would continue with my first but I feel as an artist why try to paint over something that already has meaning. So, lets start new. This is my last summer to my High School career, and then I will be a Senior. The moment I set foot on that stage for Graduation, life starts. No more, "Hey dad I need 5 dollars for lunch." The class of 2012 will set out into the world. Let's leave an everlasting impressing. I hope whoever reads this blog enjoys it more than the last one. Please criticize me, I feed off that stuff. Anyways, until I catch your eye once again...