Monday, June 6, 2011


Let's go!
Hey Mr. Obscenity,
Tell me, do you do some obscene things?
Well shit what do you think I'm all about?
Don't say I'm soft spoken and lost in the crowd.
I'm quietest when I am shouting out loud.
Fuck you, you don't know the life I live.
I'm a worn out face; a fucked up kid.
You will never know me; don't even try.
I will be a fuck up 'til the day I die.
Punk isn't dead, we brought it back to life.
Like a creature we drown ourselves with dim headlights.
So, sing with me if you're fucked up too.
We'll leave 'em lost and blind in the back of the zoo.
We are animals and this is our life.
Fuck shinny guns get my my knife.
I'll slit your throat; proceed to bleed.
This is the survival of the fittest,
and I am the lion's queen.

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