Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome to Isolation..

Hello readers, welcome to my new blog, Gandhi And Jesus Are Homies. This blog will show off random interests I have. I will also post up any new photography and songs I have. May all doors be opened to the second chapter. I know the first one was not the most interesting but this will blow you mind. I would continue with my first but I feel as an artist why try to paint over something that already has meaning. So, lets start new. This is my last summer to my High School career, and then I will be a Senior. The moment I set foot on that stage for Graduation, life starts. No more, "Hey dad I need 5 dollars for lunch." The class of 2012 will set out into the world. Let's leave an everlasting impressing. I hope whoever reads this blog enjoys it more than the last one. Please criticize me, I feed off that stuff. Anyways, until I catch your eye once again...


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