Monday, June 6, 2011

Go Out In Style..

I expect complete adequacy.
I have my filthy habits, but I wear them respectably.
The leaves are changing and I’m home once again.

I haven’t been home in awhile.
Like a can of cheese wiz I’ll go out in style.
Rearrange time and bring this town back to life.
It may be a mission, but this mission is mine tonight.

We are orphans just better dressed.
Commando boots with a tattered dress.
This is who I am; I wouldn’t change it for anything.
So won’t you grab your guitar and we’ll sing.

I’ll sit on the hood of your four door car.
Just a spec of dust; I’ll shine like the stars.
Leave the things we used to love behind.
Flash my smile for all the corrupt headlines.

Headlines that lie between lost seconds in space.
We are just children with a worn out face.
I hope you can sit here with me for awhile.
Take my hand and we’ll go out in style.

So we’ll jump into the ocean fully clothed.
This is the one thing that I’ve come to know.
I love you and I try my best to show.
That I will never, never, never let you go.
That I will never, never, never let you go.
This is the one thing that I know

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